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happydazed's Journal

Mimi Tachikawa
Name: Mimi Tachikawa
Age: 14
Birthday: May 16
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Family: Father, Mother, and little brother.

Currently Travelling With: Kiyomaro Takamine
Likes: Singing, pretty things, pink, chocolate-covered riceballs, cute Pokemon
Dislikes: Meanies, ugly things, being uncomfortable, sweat, dirt, work

Contests Won:

Background: Mimi's rich, to put it simply. All her life, she's been pampered beyond belief; her parents owning the Goldenrod Department Store contributed to this. She's used to being waited on hand-and-foot; not only that, but she's a complete "daddy's girl" and can easily get anything her whim wishes.

However, due to their jobs, Mimi's parents aren't home very much. Seeing as her little brother is so young and often being watched by the nanny, Mimi found herself wandering to the Cat's Eye Cafe in town. There, she met Fai D. Flowright, and the two became friends. She became to spend all of her time there, nurturing a crush on him all the while. It was Fai who gave Mimi her first pokémon, her beloved little eevee.

Mimi pampered her eevee beyond belief, entering it into contests as it became cuter and cuter. Along the way, Mimi obtained a swablu (necessary for flying from city to city), an Ivysaur (a stray she took in, and who refuses to do a thing Mimi commands it to do), and her Spheal (something she actually caught on her own, FOR THE WIN, MIMI). Her interest in pokemon began to peak, and she started treating them more like her friends than anything, talking to eevee when Fai wasn't around, even taking them to Cat's Eye as customers.

It was also there that Mimi met Kiyo. An aspiring trainer, Kiyo wandered into the Cat's Eye without knowing what was waiting for him. He was confronted with the eternally cheery pair, and it was there Mimi decided she wanted to go with him. It was another one of her whimsical, on-the-spot decisions, but with much pleading and whining, Kiyo agreed; within a few days, Mimi bade good-bye to her parents and left with the strange boy.

Mimi is very supportive of Kiyo, and whenever he battles, she acts like a very violent cheerleader; if anyone speaks ill of Kiyo, Mimi doesn't hold back and will quite gleefully punch them. Nobody talks bad about Mimi's friends and gets away with it. Nobody.

Personality: Mimi is a pure-hearted young girl, albeit a bit spoiled and whiney. Instead of working for what she wants, Mimi is used to just asking and receiving it; it's part of her charm, really. She's the type of person not to worry, being used to letting things work themselves out for her benefit. Work, to Mimi, is a foreign concept that she uses boys like Kiyo to do for her. Walking? Ha! She'd just have Kiyo carry her on his back.

Because of being so spoiled, it's only natural Mimi is a bit shallow. She tends to judge on appearance, despite her attempts to be nicer and kinder, and can be a bit self-absorbed. Mimi cannot stand mess or being dishevelled; travelling by foot drives her up the wall. She's no good with money management, just buying whatever she wants, and is apt to cry when she doesn't get her way.

Despite seeming so selfish, Mimi is kind-hearted, compassionate, and sensitive. She feels easily for people's situations, easily brought to tears by a sad story; her heart is larger than her vanity, surprisingly. Even if she judges on appearance, Mimi is willing to help anyone in need and is far too trusting for her own good.

Like any young girl, Mimi is also flirtatious. She knows she's pretty and likes to use it to her advantage.


Fai: As mentioned, Fai looks upon Mimi as sort of his surrogate litte-sister; meanwhile, Mimi has fallen hopelessly in love with Fai and would do close to anything for him. The two get along very well, and Mimi treats him affectionately with kisses and hugs. If there's anyone Mimi might like as much as herself, one is definitely Fai. She likes to ask him for presents, which he gladly gives to her and then later charges Kiyo for. She constantly hopes that one day when she grows up, Fai will notice how beautiful and amazing she is and whisk her off.

Kiyo: Mimi loves Kiyo and she considers him her closest friend. After travelling so closely, it's only natural Mimi would get attached to him. Even if he seems to get angry easily and he is annoyed with her more often than not, Mimi doesn't mind one bit. She displays more patience with him than anybody, and she just knows how exactly to get him to go along with whatever she wants to do. Kiyo's carried Mimi on his back for entire routes, bought her useless things, and put up with her crying: Mimi isn't stupid, and she knows that a friend who does things like that is worth keeping.